1. git clone git@github.com:belbio/bel_resources.git to clone the BEL Resources project locally
  2. Make sure BEL.bio API is running with the elasticsearch and arangodb containers - Instructions
  3. make install will setup a virtualenv and pip install the requirements
  4. Setup your configuration file (Configuration)
  5. make load_all will download remote namespace/orthology files, convert into load-able formats and then load into elasticsearch and arangodb (Namespaces)
  6. make clean_all will clean out all loaded namespaces and orthologies

Remote database files (e.g. Entrez Gene, SwissProt) are downloaded to <repo_dir>/downloads (gzipped). BEL Namespace files for loading into elasticsearch are created from source database files and stored in <repo_dir>/data/namespaces. Orthology files are stored in <repo_dir>/data/orthologs.